about us. 

the way it should be

here at embracelet, our number one goal is to promote mental health and spread awareness.  as high-schoolers, we face stress everyday. as a group, we wanted to form a company with a greater purpose - mental health awareness. whether it's right before a test or before a huge presentation, we understand the stress teenagers and adults face everyday.  we understand what it is to face stress on a daily basis whether it's from playing on a sports team or maintaining grades.  our number one goal at embracelet is to connect with you and hear your story. we believe that behind every bracelet, there is a story yet to be heard. we want your voice to be heard, while you cope with stress at school or at work. this is why we have created an anti-anxiety fidget bracelet along with a website that provides several resources. we have our unique bracelet with rotating moveable beads, custom
charms, and an adjustable wristband. this product is great for all people looking for a new outlet to destress themselves. when you buy our product, 15 percent of our profits go to mental health awareness nonprofits. There is a separate donation button just for NAMI, a trusted mental health awareness organization. Our website provides lots of mental health resources, as well as a subscription that will send you daily morning messages. once you purchase a bracelet, you get access to an online forum, where you can write your story and we will share your story in the forum. the journal will be listed as anonymous and no one can comment or like another person's story. we also have a music playlist, and we are looking to add more features in the future. remember - It's Ok to Not Be Ok